Thursday, March 26, 2015

The truth about eating late

Does eating later in the night really make you gain more weight?  Say it aint so!!!  I am person who loves nothing more than a delicious late night snack, so I have struggled with this problem question for awhile.  To my relief a lot of people say a calorie is a calorie no matter what time it is consumed.  However after a doctor visit that I weighed in at the highest I had ever been, my doctor asked me about what and how late was I eating.  After I told him about my late night snacking, he told me about many patients of his that have lost weight from cutting their stomach off at 8 o clock.  Ever since I have been on a search for the truth.
Many dieticians believe that since your metabolism slows down later in the evening, any calories consumed are not being burned as fast so the remaining calories are stored as fat.  A pioneer in the nutrition field Adele Davis gave her advice to "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and, dinner like a pauper."  Like most of you out there Im thinking, what about dessert?  Which is exactly the problem.  Another health and nutrition expert Jaime Mass agrees with the calorie is a calorie idea.  The problem is studies suggest that most people consume half or more of their daily calories after dinner. 
Many of the foods we consume late are usually for the wrong reasons.  When I think about all the late night snacks Ive had, maybe only 2% of them were healthy and because I was actually hungry.  All the other times were simply because I wanted something delicious to eat and satisfy my sweet tooth.  Another reason is because for some reason I couldn't sleep so I was bored and used eating as an activity.  Lastly  after a long stressful day sometimes the only thing in your mind to get excited about is that left over chocolate brownies from some holiday that you plan on devouring after dinner.

So Ive made my decision that after dinner I am simply cut off!!! I know that once I look in the fridge one snack leads to another which leads to another.  So when I think about what I can have for a snack and I glance at the fridge I remember o quickly look away and remind myself, nothing good can come from opening that refrigerator!  Do whatever works for you but make sure it works!

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