Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do Ab Belts really work?

 Can this really be true?

 Is there really a belt that tones and tightens your abs while you just sit there?

I had to find out for myself because this has to be too good to be true!

EMS belts are belts that send electrical impulses to the muscles underneath in order to get them to contract the same way they would during a normal ab exercise.  EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) belts claim to be very efficient and successful at toning a specific muscle group.

They come with a few sticky pads which attach onto the belt and go directly on your stomach under your shirt.  You then tighten the belt to your waist comfortably and turn on the electronic device which is attached on the front of the belt.  You can adjust the settings for how long you want the impulses to last and the intensity of the impulses.

Top 3 Ab Belts

               1. Flex tone           2. Slendertone Flex       3. Contour Belt

FDA Cleared
Diet Plan
Intensity Levels
0 to 75
60 days and
2-year warranty
60 days and
2-year warranty
30 days and
1 year warranty
Pricearound $185$100.00199.99
User Ratings

Based of the reviews and the price I decided to try the Slendertone Flex and had it delivered a couple weeks ago.  I was so surprised at first at how hard the electric impulses were making muscles contract and flex.  Naturally I put it on the highest intensity it could go so afterwards I felt really sore.  However, the next day I wasnt sore in my stomach like I am after a crucial ab day the day before.  After 2 weeks I wasnt feeling the burn that I did the first couple days and after not seeing any results yet I decided to go back to my normal ab routine but use the slendertone afterwards.  This helped tremendously!!!

To answer the question of will these EMS belts help you lose weight and tone your stomach?

For someone who is not used to working out....Yes
Someone who works out frequently.......Minimal results

Will these products get you a six pack?

By themselves? ......sorry to say but No
With a solid diet and another exercise routine? ..... very possible

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