Monday, April 6, 2015

Beach work outs

This past weekend when I took a vacation to the beach, I was very disappointed with the gym that the hotel offered.  So instead of using this as an excuse not to workout I sought out other ways to keep my body in shape.

1.  Soft Sand Sprints-  Sprinting is soft sand is one of the best exercises for your legs that you can do.  Studies have shown that running in sand expends 1.5 times the amount of energy you do from running on the road.  Meaning you are giving your legs 1.5 times more of a workout than the road will give you. 

2.  Shallow water Sprints-  Running through shallow water up to your knees or waist is another great lower body work out that is easily done at the beach.  The water gives your legs extra resistance to push through like an added weight.  Pretend you're a lifeguard sprinting in the water as fast as you can after a drowning victim.  When the water reaches your waist turn around and sprint out the water with the same explosiveness. 

3.  Lateral Hops-  Double footed hops have been used by athletes in many different sports to improve lower body strength and power.  One legged side to side jumps have also been used to do the same but also improve balance.  For double footed jumps I start a little bit in the water and hop up the beach to add resistance from the water and difficulty from the incline going up the beach.  For side to side jumps I build a small sand castle and use it to jump over so im held accountable for how high im jumping.

4.  Ocean Swimming-  Swimming is a great full body workout to begin with but swimming in the ocean gives an extra edge.  Swimming against currents and under toe can provide added difficulty.  Your muscles also have to adjust for the swells and waves that the ocean produces.  You will soon see all the extra energy you expend trying to stabilize your body in the moving water.  Just be careful and make sure you are already a strong swimmer so you dont get swept away!

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